Initially launched in 2009 with only less than 500 dollars of the my own saving and built the company with a very simple goal: survive. I never imagined 12 years later, we'd still be here, doing what we love everyday and have now successfully transformed the humble beanbags into the world's leading brand of luxury designer beanbags for indoor & outdoor that can now be found in beautiful homes, luxury apartments, luxury resorts, 5-stars hotels, penthouses, cinemas, libraries and corporate office spaces all over the world.  

Is it an easy journey? Well... not really. It's been an incredible ride. Through the ups and downs (and there have been plenty of both) a lot of years of research, sketches, resources, samples, sweat and tears went into the development of our products. And after more than a decade, we’ve come to realize that exceptional products aren’t actually created in a moment... they’re meticulously crafted over time with patience, attention-to-detail and perseverance; bringing together the right mix of designers, craftsmen and quality materials to ensure that a design aesthetic is equally matched with durability and comfort.

We’re really honored to say thanks to you and others like you, these dreams have become a reality for us here at TARUCO in the U.S.A

Today, we're so exciting to bring to you a new product - THE TARUBE PLAY COUCH.

The Tarube Play Couch is a safe and durable soft foam furniture for kids to lounge, jump and express their creativity!  Designed right here in Central Florida and carefully crafted in our Vietnam-base warehouse.