We are sure that our TARUBEs are pretty special - but we thought we'd explain exactly what makes them so good and the process that has brought all these components together into a product that effectively fulfils so many different priorities!



Our TARUBEs are completely versatile and very unique as they have a  Smart-ZIP connection to link the base cushions in pairs!  This gives added stability for some builds, helps create jumping mats and slides and allows for a more secure sleep or play surface.  When zipped apart the four individual base cushions give ultimate versatility and allow for even more building, playing and easy pack away!  Our Connector Zips are protected by fabric flaps to ensure that they don't scratch little faces when connected or loose!  All other cover zip tabs have been covered to ensure that there is nothing sharp on a TARUBE!   



For the bedroom, playroom, living space or study - the TARUBE is a perfect multipurpose solution - as a beautiful sofa or split into two chairs.  Each TARUBE standard set comes in 6 individual pieces purpose designed to ignite the imagination and foster free play for kids of any ages (even the grown up ones!).  The entire TARUBE weighs under 40lbs and even the littlest ones can comfortably carry our base cushions with convenient handles integrated - and most importantly they can help tidy it up at the end of the day!  



Our TARUBEs were designed for Play, Comfort and Sleep.. to create fun imaginative play, we knew we needed lots of individual pieces - over 10 pieces in total (standard play couches + expansion kits) - which would come together in endless combinations.  We took inspiration from the four basic shapes of design - we created square base cushions as our main building blocks; rectangular back cushions for castles, tea parties and obstacle courses; rectangular bolsters for building support, resting your head or jousting; and circular cushions for sitting, resting and they also make a mean frisbee!  When the fun has all been too much - sit, relax, recline or sleep on a supportive and soft flat surface bigger than a double bed




Our foam is made in Vietnam and created to last. Tarube uses the same hight density foam grade for all products to ensure that we have a strong support, soft comfort, buildability and a bit of bounce. We knew we were creating a toy, a sofa and a bed in one and we spent a long time picking the perfect foam to tick all these boxes. It was essential that our Foam had the best environmental credentials possible and all our foams are SGS certified for adhering to strict environmental and ethical standards.



We want our Tarube products to last.. like really last.. and how long does anything last once kids are involved!  So we looked at what our options were - we wanted a fabric that was hard wearing, but soft as butter while being easy to clean - easy right!?! With our experience in furniture manufacturing, it's really a problem...  the fabrics we use on our Tarube products are thick and strong, they are rated to 60,000 - 100.000 rubs in the Martindale Test - this means they are extra long lasting in commercial applications and when they are not on Tarube products, our fabrics are most often found in schools, offices and hotels.