Part-furniture, part-toy, 100% awesome! And here are some features that make us different:


1. Quality & safety

For over 12 years in the furniture manufacturing industry, we understand how important the quality is? That the reason why our Tarube Play-couch has been created from the highest quality commercial grade upholstery fabrics and furniture-grade foam to keep your whole family safe while playing together. 

2. Imagination & function

Forts, castles, obstacle courses, doll houses, rocket ships, boats, slides and houses are calling your kids names! Never fear, once they’re done exploring the Tarube, it folds up into a stylish and functional mini lounge that can fit anywhere - perfect for naps, reading and family cuddles!



3. Thoughtful design

Our Tarube Play-couch has been designed to be made up of 4 pieces - a sturdy base, soft top cushion and 2 triangle pillow beams - perfect for simple, quick packing away and storage as needed. It’s measurements have been carefully planned to fit into smaller homes and bedrooms too! 



4. Parenting dreams

Flexible, changeable, machine washable, durable, unlimited purposes, safe, soft and simply the ultimate energy burner…perfect for the whole family. We will even go as far to say it'll allow you to drink that morning coffee while it's still HOT! Can you taste it now?


5. Eco-friendly & Saving

The Tarube Play-couch is compressed and ship in a small box to save shipping fees and reduce our combined carbon footprint too.




6. Competitive price

You may ask how are we able to offer Tarube at such a competitive price while using all the premium, durable fabrics and foam?

To be honest, the material cost more but thanks to our founder and the whole team at our company with over 12 years of experience, we're still able to deliver a more affordable product.